Saro, Loop God

Behold Asian friends : brand-new crush from France in sight! Fascinating young musician Tristan Coudray – aka SARO - takes beatboxing to the next level with his joyful and mesmerizing blend of trap music, bass music, deep house and electro pop. Not only is he the new Loopstation Beatbox World Champion, but he is also the humblest music prodigy you’ll ever meet. SARO rules alone on stage, a looper station as his sidekick and his mouth for only weapon of choice, and beatboxing becomes the ultimate instrument in his hands. His simplicity and spontaneity are what fascinate the most. A human beatbox minimal and modern, danceable and exhilarating, that goes straight to the point, perfectly matching his visual world (cf. the dream-like video clip for Bichassa). The thiner the ice, the fresher this prince! Technically perfect and charming as hell, the young French wonder boy knows how to keep his crowd breathless, with a good number of loops and vocal tricks. Genuinely in love with music, SARO started out on the drums, in orchestras and later in rap music. The great diversity of his musical tastes allows him to create a unique mix of skills and references. Inventive and constant, he is already considered by many as the Loop God, expending the limits of the genre in an innovating creative drive, and his first album is on the way! An admirer of Michael Jackson (go see his Billy Jean priceless remix!) and a disciple of Beardyman, the producer has already performed throughout France and Europe in renowned festivals (Vieilles Charrues, Transmusicales, Paleo Festival …), and even in India. Tremendously honest and simple, it’s no wonder the Internet has already turned him into a hit. His pure and clean sound, his efficient drops, and his razor-sharp music drives everyone crazy and makes every crowd dance, even non-beatbox fanatics. SARO, the innovator, is building new foundations for beatboxing, pushing loopstation and electronic music forward. You can follow the new king’s banner across borders and to Asia with the French Miracle Tour, where he is going to prove his point. Once again, for sure.

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  • Prodigy 2.0
  • Loop God
  • Mouth to mouth composer
  • Loopstation Beatbox World Champion 2018