Saro, Loopstation Beatbox World Champion 2018

Saro, the Rennes prodigy of Beatbox Loopstation, embarks for the second time on the French Miracle Tour, where he’s gonna shake up with his Beatbox melodies. The kick-off last year had lived up to his talent: it was powerful and hearty. Now he can’t wait to find his love in Asia, a land which, surprisingly, had been conquered in advance, where he has already many long-time fans. His name is well known. Saro is praised as the new undisputed reference of Beatbox Loopstation; his complex musical art, with an intricate balance, mixes beat box, electro, loops and distortions of all kinds. As a superstar on the Web and the champion of Grand Beatbox Battle 2017, the Rennais accumulates official prizes and heart medals like the beats, surfing on the waves of the genre with style and ease. But much more than his title of world champion of Beatbox Loopstation 2018, the most fascinating thing about Saro, is the simplicity with which he realizes his most delicate combinations. The more difficult it is, the more willing becomes the young prince to show us the capacity of his art. A mix of trap, bass music, deep house and electro pop, the sound of Tristan Coudray (official name on the birth certificate of the prodigy) unleashes and breaks all conventions of categories, while seducing an ever wider audience. Always ready to reign, Saro will keep his title of world champion at the Great beatbox loopstation, which will be held in Warsaw, Poland in 2020, and where he will perform a duet with MB14. But before that, he’s heading to Asia for three unforgettable shows.

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  • Loopstation Beatbox World Champion 2018